Explore, Align, Stretch, Tone

led by Alison Dwyer
Begins September 30, 2018
Yoga East: 43 Race Point Road, OR online

Welcome to your REVOLUTION! 

40 Days is based on the work of Baron Baptiste and his basic laws of transformation. 
It is a breakthrough hands-on, step-by-step guide to help you:

  • transform the body
  • sharpen and clear the mind 
  • expand spiritually

Your program will include the tools of yoga, meditation, diet, self inquiry, journaling and community.

Each week is themed-- presence, vitality, equanimity, restoration, centering, triumph.
And each theme is woven into the practices of that week.
We will offer a yoga practice that will build week to week ( no experience necessary).

Baptiste Yoga focuses on breath, dristi (focal point), and heat to deepen the practice and encourage the practitioner to find and work their own edge. 

We will, week to week, assess our diets and explore the concepts of Food As Medicine as well as the Ayurvedic Way of nourishing the body. We will also embark on a 3-day cleanse.

We will build a meditation practice, starting where you are. If you have never meditated, you'll start at 3-5 minutes a day, building a daily practice. We will also meditate as a group with facilitation and use of resources.

We will meet weekly to discuss success and challenges and prepare for the upcoming week. There will be an emphasis on community and ways to support each other in person and virtually.  Meetings will include exercises aimed at the process of self- inquiry and encouragement of journaling between classes.

Alison will offer one individual health coaching session that may include any area of concern: mental health, nutrition, sleep, lifestyle concerns, or spirituality.

Included in cost for participants will be a 2-3 hour Ayurvedic workshop on The Yoga Of Eating presented by Jocelyn Sheff, Health Coach and Ayurvedic Chef from Boston

Additional workshops are available based on the desire of the class- such as Inversions, Yoga for Depression and Anxiety, Aromatherapy etc. This entire 40 day workshop can be experienced virtually!